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サバイバーとして参加する -Join the OCT Campaign as a Survivor-

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*1 このキャンペーンでは、がん患者、経験者とその家族、遺族、ケアをする人、友人、など、‘広くがんに関係のある方’をキャンサー・サバイバーとしています。



















Over Cancer Togetherの応援写真

「Over Cancer Togetherキャンペーンを応援しています」というメッセージとあなたの写真で、OCTキャンペーンに参加しませんか?写真はこのウェブサイトとFacebookで公開しています。











Over Cancer Together~がんを共にのりこえよう~


Share your survivor story by speaking up at our forum, or by posting messages, pictures and movies!
We are waiting for your participation!

Share with videos, messages and forum


This campaign encourages you to share your cancer experiences and the challenges that the cancer survivors*1 are facing in reality to the public audience, so that these can be addressed publicly. For example, sharing your feelings and things that you had considered while dealing with practical issues such as social discriminations, employment and schooling challenges, marriage, pregnancy and delivery issues, and how to get useful resources and support, from the perspective of living with the people who have contacts in cancers, e.g. people who had been diagnosed with cancer, their family members, friends etc.

*1 Cancer survivors include patients, people who experienced cancer, families, caregivers, bereaved family members, friends, loved ones, and all the people who have anything to do with cancer.

Share with videos

This website will share the cancer survivors’ experiences with videos.

Go to this page to see all stories from survivors

Take a 3 minutes video of your personal experience on cancer, and upload it to Youtube. Please contact us to inform us the URL of your Youtube video. After the content is reviewed, it will be share on our web site.

Go to this page for the steps to upload your story

Steps to upload

* If you have difficulties in taking a video on your own, or if you do not have a Youtube account, we have video shooting sessions at the booths in the events organized by the OCT governing body, CNJ and Japan for LIVESTRONG.
The OCT members would be glad to help you to shoot the video and upload it to the website, please feel free to approach us at the booth.
Please find the information of relevant events by CNJ and Japan for LIVESTRONG, in the calendar on this site.

Share with messages

You can share your experiences through text messages.

Go to this page to see all stories from survivors

Please fill in the necessary information in the form. After the content is reviewed, it will be share on our web site.

Go to this page for the steps to upload your story

Steps to upload

Share in the forum

“Share your voice!” session will be held in the “Japan Cancer Forum” scheduled on 6th or 7th of July in 216 at Congre Square Nihombashi in Tokyo. In the session, cancer survivors will share their experiences to stimulate thoughts about what we can do to make a better society for the survivors after the diagnosis.
We offer a “Cancer Survivor Speaking Seminar” for survivors who would like to share your voice at the Share Your Voice session, to learn about “the skills of making an effective communication of personal experiences in the public”.

Please feel free to contact us if you are interested with the program!

Share with pictures

Over Cancer Togetherの応援写真

Would you like to join the OCT campaign by sharing your picture with a message that says, “I support the Over Cancer Together Campaign”?
These photos are shared on this website as well as on the OCT Facebook page.
Go to this page to see all pictures from OCT supporters!

Please download the poster of the supporting message from the link below and print it. Take a picture of yourself together with the printed poster, and send it to the OCT office (oct@hgpi.org).
Please let us know if you would like to have your name to be published or removed from the picture.

Make a donation

The voice of the cancer survivor is the main driving force to social change.
It is because of your gifts, that we are able to hold the “Cancer Survivor Forum” for the cancer survivors to share their experiences.
We would like to urge for your support.

*For details, please see here.

Join the Campaign in Facebook and Twitter

The OCT campaign disseminates information using d Facebook and Twitter.
Please press “like” in the Facebook and follow us in Twitter.
With your help and through your contacts, the information of the campaign can be widely shared.

■Facebook page:www.facebook.com/octjapan.jp
■Twitter account:@octjapanjp

Over Cancer Together~がんを共にのりこえよう~
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